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Working in overseas escort jobs

A great way for a young girl to live in Europe is to get a job as an escort to accompany men. You don’t even need a good knowledge of the language to start practicing abroad. Of course, to advance your career you will need to take intensive courses to learn the language of the country you are working in, but you can start making money from scratch without having the basics.

Beautiful Russian girls are always in demand in the European escort business. Don’t worry about running out of orders. But starting an independent career in a place where you don’t know anyone and don’t have the extra money to deal with is quite difficult. However, you will be successful if you use the tips in our article.

Which countries are more profitable for escorts?
The most profitable jobs for an escort in terms of income are Israel, Turkey and the states of Southeast Asia. However, when choosing the place where you want to work, you should not forget about safety. Otherwise, you risk staying in a brothel instead of a prestigious escort job.

Western European states are considered safer – France, Great Britain, Germany. If you manage to stay in these countries, you will make good money and you can even live there forever. When you learn a language, move to a new place, make new acquaintances and save money, you can easily change your profession to a more prestigious one. But the provision of escort services will help you become comfortable in a foreign country, learn how to communicate and get acquainted with local customs and secular etiquette.

Search for an escort agency to work as a model abroad
The easiest way to start an escort career in an unfamiliar place is to work with an agency. If you decide to break it on your own, you have to deal with many questions. You will need to obtain a Schengen visa, buy a plane ticket, stay in a hotel or hostel until you can find an apartment for rent. All this requires a lot of money and at least minimal knowledge of the English language.

However, it is not possible to work individually even after settling in. You must first obtain a license and only then can you post an advertisement. Think about what else you need to do and also a portfolio that will cost a lot.

Employment through an escort agency is much easier. Call the number on an online ad for a company that hires escorts abroad and ask the manager what you need to do to get a job. As a rule, on the site you need to fill out a questionnaire and upload a few photos.

If you match the parameters, you will receive instructions for further actions. But you don’t need to spend your money on a trip and settling in an unfamiliar country. This is what an escort agency does. You will also be assisted in purchasing passports, travel documents, tickets. Upon arrival, an agent will greet you and take you to a rented apartment where you will live until you can save up for a separate comfortable residence.

The agency will also take care of your promotion. Training will be given before starting work. You will also enroll in language courses. A portfolio will be created for you, your profile will appear in the database. You will receive an order as soon as the customer needs a model to accompany your type. You will gradually get used to the profession, you will receive more profitable orders and you will be able to work directly. But in the first place it is better to trust serious professionals who will promote you.

The most important point is to choose the right escort agency so as not to fall for a cheap sex salon instead of the promised high paying job as an escort. Here, reviews about the company of girls with employment experience through intermediaries will help you. Carefully study all the reviews about the agency you have chosen on the Internet, and only then make a decision.

Also, be sure to ask the consultant in detail about upcoming work. Find out what your duties will be, how many hours you have to work per week, and how much pay awaits you in the first place. Do not believe in unrealistic promises. On average, escort girls earn 3-3.5 thousand euros per month. And at the initial stage, it may be less until you learn how to properly serve customers.

Working with an experienced escort agency
Another way to find a job abroad as an escort model is to team up with an escort looking for a backup assistant. Many of our compatriots, who were employed through an agency and eventually became independent models, work in Europe. Often a professional needs a partner, sometimes to replace him. Working under the guidance of an experienced mentor is a great career start. You will learn the intricacies of the profession, learn the rules of safety, understand how to find profitable customers correctly.

Of course, the escort application model will not pay you for travel, will not issue a visa, but will invite you to live in your apartment until you can earn money for a separate residence. Note that at first you will only receive a portion of the profit. Ultimately, your mentor will select clients for you. But some time will pass, and wages will increase when men deliberately start ordering. This is how the first regular clients will appear and you can move from a friend to an independent escort.

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