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How Much Do Escort Ladies Earn?

How much income should startups who decide to work in the leisure niche expect? The cost of escort services is usually calculated on an hourly basis. In some cases, the parties agree to pay for the whole night for several weeks. When flying out of state lines, the conversation is about the number of days on the trip.

High paying jobs for escort girls working in elite agencies . Politicians, artists, businessmen come here. Popular, rich people do not have the time and desire to spend hours on the Internet. It is easier for them to call a reliable organization and ask the manager to send a portfolio of several ladies. All preliminary interviews take place without the knowledge of the participants. Girls don’t need to waste their personal time.

The more interesting the girl, the higher the income. The ability to conduct a casual conversation, knowledge of foreign languages, etiquette are in demand. Beautiful women have to invest a significant amount in looks. You should spend on:

fitness classes;
hair style
So how much do escort models earn as a result? In major metropolitan areas, an escort’s monthly income ranges from 150,000 to 500,000 Turkish lira.

The salary of an escort is directly dependent on the fulfillment of the terms of the contract. The client has the right to ask the girl not to smoke. The person who violates the contract will be replaced by another worker. Naturally, the fee for the violator will be transferred to the newly made executor of the order.

Some employees try to increase their own income by contacting customers by bypassing the manager. It is fraught with consequences. A hospitable host will gladly receive the guest, but may refuse to pay. The swindler motivates rejection by the fact that the date is rooted in mutual love. Most often, girls are paid with fake banknotes.

An escort does not go to report a respectable citizen to the police. An absurd statement will work against the victim. They will be prosecuted for insults. The law does not protect prostitution, the sale of bodily pleasures is prohibited by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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