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How To Make Money Having Sex?

Having sex is simple: it’s the act of sending obscene messages. But things get even more complicated when you realize that there are an endless number of ways your messages can be sexual. Like dating IRL, everyone has their own style of sex. If you’re interested in making your sex-messaging game a sexy side hobby, this article is packed with information from how to have sex like an intimacy pro to where to promote and sell your sex-messaging services.

Let’s get inside!

Why would someone pay to have sex with you?
If you’re new to the business sexting game, you may be wondering why people pay you to have sex with them. You may be wondering, “How much money can I really make by having sex”?

While there are some clichés about this line of business, let’s clear up a few things. Three main things you’ll discover about the sex messaging business at the end:

This is a predominantly women’s service, so most of the people who do it are women. It’s entirely possible to find a man providing this service, but that’s a little less likely. Why is this? Everything can be sorted by supply and demand: Most of the people who are interested in this service are people who are interested in having sex with women.
This is a form of sex work. Indeed, when it comes to providing any kind of sexual service (even with just your words) is a form of sex work. However, sex work in this form is much more socially acceptable and dating can be perfectly legal as long as all parties involved are of legal age.
It’s not what you initially thought it would be like. Forget everything you thought you knew about sex work. I find it scares people when I use that term. Because of the accumulated reasons in the society, “sex work” is usually met with the judiciary. But really… let’s look at it in terms of the service you provide. As a sexual messaging service provider, what you do is make someone feel good. Much like a manicurist making her client feel beautiful or a masseuse comforting her client: Your job is to make your client feel satisfied and desired.
As for why someone would seek a sexting service, there are several reasons, the most common being…

There is no time for serious relationships.
A busy/stressful career can make it difficult to find and maintain close relationships. Sex messaging services may appeal to people who are not interested in a long-term romantic relationship (for various reasons) or are so focused on their work that dating is the second priority in their life.

Having trouble making close connections because of anxiety problems.
People struggling with anxiety may find it easier to have sex with a stranger than to go to a bar in hopes of meeting someone new.

I’m just looking for fun.
You’ll meet a lot of people in this business who just want to feel good – it’s that simple. Sex and dating are naturally the things that make us feel good when faced with positive results. We feel confident, desired, attractive… Some people just want to feel these things without thinking too much about it.

Relationship disappointments.
Yes, some people you meet will be in relationships. Maybe they are not happy with their current sex life or they are going through a difficult time with their lover… There are many possible reasons why someone in a relationship would reach out to a sex messaging service. Some people who offer sexting services don’t want to know anything about it, preferring to act in the “here and now”, focusing on the customer and not asking questions about their personal lives. However, some people decide that they will not send sexual messages with a married client. Actually, this part is completely at your discretion.

I just crave for human connection.
Sometimes it really is that simple: the longing to feel intimate with someone. Sexting (especially with an online stranger) dating agencies is much, much easier than calling someone in real life and trying to create a romantic mess.

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