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Escort business – how much do escorts earn?

It turns out that a promising direction was chosen, a higher education was obtained, employment, but the income does not meet expectations. You should not lose courage and despair, especially for beautiful girls in demand:

Escort agencies;
recreation and recreation facilities;
Erotic salons.
Employment in women’s positions does not involve long-term training that allows you to start your duties right away and realize your potential. Vacant escort positions require knowledge and skills, so 3-day training courses followed by an internship are required before starting the job.

It is better to think about future prospects even before graduating. Many parents deprive their child of the opportunity to choose, forcing them to enter the university as an accountant, lawyer, doctor. A career determined under pressure is difficult for a student because his body and mind were not made for this career. Many drop out of school to explore an independent life.

How much do you charge for escort services?
After training, only purposeful girls continue to work and strive for a salary of over 100,000 TL. The job allows you to choose a customer and accept the terms of the order or not. The agency usually has up to 80 women of various types and regularly receives offers: from 2 to 8 per day (such a flow of applications is provided by advertising and client base). If the employee responds, it will be included in the portfolio shown to the client. After the escort is approved, it provides the service at the appointed time in a strictly agreed format.

Fees and demand are the main indicators to understand your activity. But organization also defines.

This business has its own seasonality, for example, in December – January the demand for escort drops sharply, close to spring, a new season begins with the demand for escorts increasing.

To get better
Adapting to reality through an escort will be easy. Here the girls will get:

Communication. The ability to establish a reliable and interesting dialogue with the interlocutor will allow you to make demands and succeed.
organizational skills. Saving your own and others’ time – systematizes workflow and increases productivity. How easily a person adapts to ever-changing realities depends on the level of organization.
Strategic thinking. It helps you understand what heights you want to reach and how to achieve it. If you see the intended path in suffering, you will hardly reach the end goal. After working on your thoughts, you can learn to perceive the situation differently, not to worry about missed opportunities, to respect the experience gained, not to be afraid of change, and to learn new things.
Learnability. We will have to abandon the outdated traditional ways of perceiving information and solving problems. Because the modern world does not stand still, knowledge becomes obsolete, you have to engage in self-education and self-development, people who are stuck in the past will never get high salaries.
The ability to ask for help. Some challenges cannot be overcome alone. Asking for and accepting support is not a sign of weakness, but a healthy relationship in a civilized society.
Which girls can’t be escorts?
Leisure positions are available for girls over 18. It is suitable for feminine natures, but will be extremely difficult for:

He doesn’t know how to take care of his appearance. Some people naturally like to take care of themselves, while others don’t. Escort positions involve communication with men. Ladies often accompany businessmen to various events. They become original “calling cards”, captivating those around them with their charm, thereby raising the status of a partner. Being well-groomed is an important component of success. Escorts should always look perfect and that’s the job. Every day you need to apply creams, do hair masks, go to yoga and relaxing massages, eat right and much more. Not all women can regularly observe these rituals, therefore, choosing the direction of development, take into account that models should not forget about their appearance and should not underestimate themselves.
Has trouble making promises. It is not difficult to draw attention to yourself with youth and beauty, but how to behave, how to show interest, what to talk about? It is easier to find common topics with peers than with representatives of respectable age. In general, there are no strict rules in speech, you just need to intuitively choose the way of behavior.
It shows toxicity. Fighters destroy the friendly atmosphere. Such people negatively affect not only customers, but also other employees, damage their reputation and reduce the profits of the company.
does not want to develop. Not all employers focus on the personal development of their wards, but if we talk about an elite escort, then the craving for self-development and additional training is welcome here.
Not familiar with etiquette. These norms allow for the comfortable presence and interaction of people, by observing them, you will not only show kindness, but also make a good impression.
Not ready for business trips, evening or night shifts. It manifests itself in an unwillingness to go beyond their comfort zone. Although escort is an easy field of activity, you still have to work hard. Those who purposely seek vacancies in the evening and at night are especially valuable, and those who agree to take a foreign holiday vacation with the client consistently bring them and the agent a high income.

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