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We invite sexy girls to work in Istanbul.

İstanbul is famous for its gorgeous beaches and excellent service. But here you can come not only cool to relax, but also cool to earn! We have been successfully operating in many cities of the country for many years. We offer girls high earnings on the best conditions.

We invite beautiful girls aged 18-28 for escort work in Istanbul .

Girls, making money in Turkey is much more interesting than sitting at home and watching TV shows about someone else’s life. Create your own unique life! With us you can earn in conditions of maximum security and confidentiality.

We provide comfortable accommodation in a 5* hotel. Make up your mind! It is easy to work with us: all experienced specialists, if possible, will help in solving all working issues.

Free advice on leaving for work. Departure is possible in the next few days after the request.

The girl’s personal income for 14 days is from $5,000 net.

Clients – rich successful men. There are generous tips and expensive gifts.

Working for girls in Istanbul with us is an easy way to make your life better in a short time. Write to us: Telegram

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