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Escort Jobs for Novice Girls

If you have a modeling appearance, good manners, and healthy ambitions, what you need is a highly paid modeling job for girls with no experience. You may not be a beauty queen, but if you are 100% confident in yourself, your irresistibility and attractiveness, this job will help you change your life for the better.


Working in the escort field is the first step to a successful life full of vivid impressions, interesting acquaintances and attractive career prospects. At the same time, you do not need to have any skills – just the ability to please men, the desire to give positive emotions and enjoy life!

– The income level of escort models not only allows them to live with dignity, dress stylishly and take care of their bodies, but also in Moscow and St. It also allows them to pursue higher education at prestigious universities in St. Petersburg.
– You will attend various events and concerts, parties and social gatherings, rotate in the highest circles, communicate with interesting people, make the necessary acquaintances.
– To be able to accompany businessmen as a luxury companion on their overseas travels. Thus, you will visit different countries, relax in the best resorts, improve your foreign language knowledge.
– Generous successful men often give expensive gifts to attractive escort models, inviting them on exciting journeys.
– You will always have time and money to take care of your appearance and health, because you do not have to work day and night for a meager salary and spend your youth earning money for a “good old age”.
Many girls find their destiny through escort work and VIP escorts. They become truly happy and successful in life. If you want, you can too!


  • Really high income. Nowhere else can you earn so much without experience, relevant training and professional skills.
    – Flexible scheduling. You plan your schedule and employment yourself, which is very suitable for formally employed students and girls.
    – 100% privacy. We guarantee the inviolability of that side of your life that you want to exclude from work.
    — The safety of models is above all. Our agency only works with trusted clients who treat girls adequately and always act with dignity.
    – Various bonuses, surprises and gifts. This is an integral and very pleasant part of working in the field of escort services.
    Working as an inexperienced model for girls has only a few requirements: sociability, good looks, lack of complexes. It is not at all necessary to comply with the parameters of the modeling business – it is enough to have a slender figure and a beautiful face. But at the same time, it is very important to take care of yourself, to dress stylishly, to make beautiful makeup. If it gives you pleasure, you will definitely like this work, because here you always have to look at 10 out of 10. The most obvious demeanor and femininity read in everything is welcomed – in temperament, manner of communication, image and dress. However, rudeness and excessive honesty are taboo for elite escort models. Especially if you are accompanying a man to business meetings and social events.

You have to be able to please men, not just externally. Attractive girls cannot engage with the interlocutor if they cannot keep up the conversation. VIP escort includes not only short meetings for one evening, but also escort for several days. A man will quickly get bored if he has an untrained baby with him all this time. Therefore, if you want to achieve success in your escort career, read books, improve foreign languages, broaden your horizons.

Profitable work as a model without escort experience is a great chance for girls to diversify their lives with vivid impressions. You get not only financial independence, but also complete freedom. Official employment in the office does not have a strict boss, a belligerent team, competition, overtime and other “talismans”. It is very easy to fall in love with this job, because it gives a beautiful life, an invaluable experience, financial stability Working as an escort does not require experience and financial investments from you, but guarantees a pleasant pastime and simply a change in life. for the best.

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