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Enjoying As a Quality Escort

I checked to see if my cleavage was unbuttoned enough to show Claus the curve of my breasts enticingly. I knew he liked İstanbul escorts, girls with assets like me are his favourite. He took care not to look at my body too much at dinner. As a plastic surgeon, I’m sure I’ve looked at countless women’s bodies, some in good shape, but others perhaps in need of titration where they go under the knife. At least nothing of mine was plastic.

I’m 100% natural.

I guessed that’s what you had in mind.

Later, as they held hands and walked to his favorite London club, he said that there was usually a bit of mischief here, so I could see a few sights that might have made me feel awkward. I was not interested in S&M and explained that unless I was expected to participate (it was a 1-1 encounter), I wasn’t bothered by anything I was watching. It might even get me in the mood for something more later.

The club was filled with red and black leather walls and seats, reminiscent of the interior of a client’s expensive sports car. It was a masculine place, full of bare-breasts, heavily made-up, combed-back stewardesses, and a handful of escort girls I knew were escorts . Bare boobs turn me on because I’m bisexual by birth, but I didn’t say anything to Claus. We sat in a few club chairs in a private corner, the clear glass bar stools next to us gave me an idea that I will bring to life a little later.

We drank good champagne and chatted, while a largely naked man asked if we had everything we needed. She was wearing a black leather loincloth and had her hair cropped. Handsome and in his late twenties, I thought he talked to Claus more than me. We thanked him but we were fine. When she turned, I noticed her almost bare hips and smiled at Claus. I guess I guessed it was probably swinging both ways.

Claus took my hand and asked if I could unbutton my red silk dress one more time. It had buttons on the front so I had to. Being an escort was now a serious pleasure. This time she saw my matching red lace bra top but she looked at me and smiled and sat back enjoying the sexy vibe and view of the place. It was early, but it would soon come to life, and I found myself wondering exactly what sights to see.

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