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Cool job for beautiful girls in Paris!

Are you a beautiful girl and know your worth? Have you already decided that escort work is the kind of employment that suits you the most? Are you looking for a great French escort agency? You are lucky! You are reading the best job offer!

We invite beautiful girls aged 18-35 who want to earn big money and are ready to make an effort to achieve cool earnings!

We have been working in Paris for many years and will provide an excellent daily load: 5-10 jobs per day. High price. We work 50/50%. Dopa, tips and gifts are completely yours. For successful work, you need a beautiful professional photo session.

We work on a large base of regular customers and expensive individual advertising (placed at the time of work, closed from public access). Confidentiality and security of work are ensured.

Clients – rich well-groomed Frenchmen, Europeans. There are generous tips, and expensive gifts, and love.

On the tour, experienced specialists will work with you, who will make the work simple and convenient.

Accommodation in beautiful working apartments. There is a loan.

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